#1 Secret to Client Loyalty

December 27th, 2022

You probably know the book and movie adaptation of “Hunger Games”. 

Well, my daughter gave me the book to read, and one of the thoughts that occurred while reading it, was that this is a great example of client loyalty and how to get your customer to be passionate about referring everyone they know to you.

It’s only a section of the book, but it jumped out at me like a hot potato.  

Haymitch Abernathy is with Katniss Everdeen, and they are discussing why she is doing this.  

“What are you talking about?,” Katniss says. Then Haymitch says, “Everyone is showing you off because you are the hope that things will get better.”

You should really read the book to get the value of this scene.  

This scene reveals the #1 secret of customer loyalty.

You are probably saying, “What the heck are you talking about, Ken?”

Well, every contact you have with your client should fill them with hope.

The hope that you will continue helping them with their problems…

The hope that you will make their tomorrows better than their today’s…

And guess what?

When your clients feel like you are the one that hits them square in the eyes with a regular dose of hope, what do you think will happen?

Their buying loyalty will follow.

This is just another way of leaving your competition in the dust.

I know this is a short article, but it’s worth its weight in gold if you implement it.

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