How to Get Your Clients to Refer Everyone They Know

June 8th, 2023

Imagine if clients keep coming back to you – and they bring their friends, family, and even strangers they meet on the street?

Let me ask you this…

Do you have a system in place to create “raving fans” of your insurance practice?

If not, you should start thinking of implementing one. 

What is a raving fan, exactly?

Well, it’s a client who is so enamored with your service that they will bend over backwards to tell their family and friends about you, but will also bring them to your store or office. Oftentimes, they will make the sale for you.  

That’s a raving fan of your practice.  

The sad part of what I’ve witnessed over the years is that most Insurance and Financial Advisors spend 10 times or so attempting to get new clients than they do in over-servicing their existing patrons. 

I’ve also seen where clients have left because of perceived indifference. I don’t believe that the insurance agent did anything wrong but the client just thought they didn’t care enough.  

Here are 6 simple ideas and tips to transform those clients into raving fans:

  1. Sell them everything they will need to gain the maximum benefit from what they purchase. If they need additional coverage for a certain need, sell it to them.
  2. Send them Thank You cards consistently.  Even when they don’t make a purchase, send them a Thank You card just for being your customer/client.
  3. Always use their name when you see them or communicate with them.
  4. When a new type of product or coverage is available, hit them up and tell them about how they will benefit from it.
  5. Call them constantly to see if everything is going ok in their lives.
  6. Always, always keep in touch.  

In today’s age, it’s just a click of a button on your computer to your database, and you’re in touch with your client.  

Try to implement just a few of these tips and remember, your team must also do the same.

If you care for your customers/clients, they will care for you and help you grow your practice by bringing their family and friends to your place of business.

I wonder how many of you can add a few more tips to this list?  Let’s hear from you.

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