Would You Like More Referrals?

I just have to share this experience with all of you.  

My wife Barbara decided that we needed our Great Room repainted. She said the white paint wasn’t looking so good.  

So I decided to contact a few painters. I literally went into the Yellow Pages and called over 30 painters who had advertised in the Yellow Pages.  

But I also decided to ask my neighbors who they might recommend. Out of the 30 painters from the Yellow Pages, only 5 kept the appointment they made with me.

My neighbors recommended 4. They all showed up for their appointment.

Now, I’m going to share with you why I chose Ed because he had a unique story.

Ed said, “In all of the jobs I’ve done, I have found that if I do a great job, you will be happy. And if I do a great job, we’ve built a relationship, and not only will you ask me back when you need additional painting, but you’re more likely to refer me as Mrs. Jones did (Mrs. Jones was a neighbor).

He asked us many questions. Educated us on the different types of paints. But the important thing is Ed focused on us, Barbara and I, not us the “money” people.

If you’ve ever experienced painters, plumbers, electricians, and most professionals, you will agree with me that they are in the transaction business. They show up. They estimate the job and they do the work.

Then they leave and that’s that.

But it’s much better to do it Ed’s way and follow in his footsteps and put yourself into the “relationship business”.  

I know. Everyone talks about doing this.

But talk is cheap. Doing it is the answer.

Here’s a suggestion: Get started by sending out a paper and ink newsletter to your house list. Soak it with personality, just as Ed did, and most importantly… ask for referrals! 

It’s really that simple.

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