Influencing with Integrity (Part 2)

“The objection will dissolve only when through your listening, the emotion has exhausted itself. “

Now that I’ve said that I now want to show you “How To Lose By Winning”.

You may win the “BATTLE OF WORDS” when you overcome an objection, but you will never change the other person’s point of view.  As a result, another objection will pop up. Then another, and then another.  

“I don’t have time,” becomes, “I don’t have the money,” then, “ I’m no good at selling” and on it will go.  The emotion simply takes a new form, and it will keep doing so until it is heard and allowed to express itself.

You may even successfully “get” somebody to purchase your product but it won’t last.  

Merchandise will be returned, the product won’t work as they expected, or they will quit the business you offer, but in the end they will find a good reason. There is not a commitment because they haven’t truly been heard.  

I believe that any relationship that is built on manipulation is doomed to failure. It may take time, but you can count on it.  Just look at Network Marketing. Many talented and capable people fail for no apparent reason.  

Only when the emotion has exhausted itself by your “listening through the objection” will it dissolve and be eliminated.

Only when the objection, the whole objection, not just its words, is expressed will the opportunity occur for your customer or prospect to arrive at making a committed choice or decision.

Rule # 1:  The objection isn’t true.  

“I don’t have time to do this”, “I’m too busy”.  All of those are just not true. Yet most salespeople make the mistake of buying into those words.  And if you believe that the speaker believes that he or she doesn’t have any time, you have to go to work changing their belief.  

You might be thinking that the hardest thing in the world is changing someone’s mind.  But there is a better way.  

When you are listening through objections and someone says, “I don’t have the time (or the money or whatever,” you will know not only that isn’t true for you but that it is not true for them either.

But, what is the truth?

Rule #2:  Listen to what isn’t being said.

Here is what you will hear: Frustration, anger, disappointment, and fear. That is all true. 

It is clear that this person is over-whelmed.  They have more to do than they think they can ever do.  The issue is not, “ When am I going to find time on top of everything else…” to build a Network Marketing business.  The real issue is that the person wants somebody, anybody, to hear how frustrated they are about time. 

So listen up…

What you will create is a rapport between the two of you, a safe space where truth can be spoken and heard.  

You haven’t attacked their objection head on, so you are not someone to defend against, which is what most salespeople end up becoming.  

Instead, there will be trust, communion, connection, respect, and admiration.  In any relationship, especially sales, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Rule #3:  What is left. Here’s my 10% solution.  

Most of the time, after you have listened completely through the objection, there won’t be anything left.

If there is, if there really are for example, some “time” or  “money” issues, it is not longer an emotionally charged issue.  You can now deal with it.

You can have a conversation with the person about managing his or her actions in time, about setting priorities and planning.  That makes you that person’s partner.  And that is the perfect thing for you to be.

Ok,  enough for this issue.  Think about what I’ve written about the above and let me know your thoughts and experiences.

In the next segment, I’m going to give you the Process For Listening Through the Objections.

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