4 Ways to Make Email Sales Letters Produce Results

Selling with E-Mail

I’ve often been asked the question, “Do you have any ideas for me to sell more via email?”

I’m sure most of you reading this also have the same question.

Here are 4 ways to make email sales letters produce results…

  1. Keep your letter short and action-packed. Few people enjoy reading on a computer monitor. If your client opens your email message to find it scrolls on paragraph after paragraph, they will usually either delete it or save it to read later and never get back to it. Try to pack your most important information into just three or four short paragraphs. Let clients know they can access your website for much more detailed information. That way those who want to know more can get those details.
  1. Make your letter as personalized as you can. This is the secret to good marketing and selling. You may need to break your recipient list down into subcategories. For example, if you have lots of firemen and a lot of school teachers on your list, you will do far better to send them letters. One should speak directly to the school teacher’s interests while the second should approach things from the firefighter’s point of view. Many big-time ad campaigns produce different commercials for six or more subgroups in their audience. Your email sales letters can do the same thing.
  1. Start your letter with a headline or single sentence paragraph that clearly tells the reader what big benefit you are offering them. Tell the reader how their life will be improved when they use your product or service. Look for ways that your offer will increase the free time they can have, make them look better, or help them have more fun.
  1. Whenever possible use the recipient’s name. Use their name in the subject line, in the salutation at the beginning, and letter in the body of your email sales letter. Using “Dear Stephanie” instead of “Dear Client” can easily double or even triple sales. Your reader’s ears perk up when they hear their own name.

Remember also: Don’t concentrate on making a ton of money, but rather on becoming the type of person or business people want to do business with.

It is not your client’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have a chance to forget you.

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