A Secret to Convince Everyone to Connect with You

I’m often asked on my coaching calls, “Why do people who are visiting my various social media platforms aren’t communicating with me after that first visit?”  

This is a problem many business owners have.

It’s just not enough to just say “Follow us on Twitter” or Like our Facebook Page”.  You have to give a compelling reason for them to do so.

Let individuals know what you have to offer them in exchange for giving you a like or a follow.

I don’t mean giving them discounts or coupons. What I mean is having some kind of value proposition.

For example, try saying something like “Follow us on Twitter for daily Marketing Tips” or  “Like us on Facebook, we promise to make you laugh at least once a day.”

Isn’t that more appealing?

This type of approach is a lot more personable than a generic request to like or follow you.

Many people think that the number of FANS you have on your page is being successful. Wrong. You might have 10,000 fans but you don’t have any real content engaging information or funnies, so why would a fan come back?

Content is king.

Here is an example I like to use who hired me as a consultant to help them create more customers…

Joe is a plumber. His page was full of plumbing jobs. The example he had was a lady who stuffed a jar of pickles down her toilet and the picture showed the pickles in the drain and on the floor. It really wasn’t engaging. It wasn’t a picture I’d share on my wall.

So here’s what I did for him…

I gave him many things to post on his wall. A picture of Lemonade Kool-Aid, with instructions to place it in the dishwasher empty and cycle it through to give the dishwasher a good cleaning.

I followed up with more pictures and tips and he religiously posted them. 

Guess what?

People were commenting and posting. 

I then had him find local Real Estate people pages. He went on their pages and said, “Hello ABR Realty! J.D.Plumbing is your newest fan. Come like my page.” 

When an area business likes your page, their post goes on your wall and vise versa so more exposure is gotten. Why did I have him do this? Because, one day the realtor is going to need a plumber when they are about to close on a house and the house has plumbing issues. The hope is that when she needs a plumber, she will remember the guy on her wall.

After you gain business pages on your page, take the time to go to their wall and “Like” a post. If you can “Share” a post of theirs on your wall, do it. Why?

Because, you are promoting them and the law of reciprocity says they will also promote you now as one of their friends.

Trust me. Liking and sharing is a participating friendship. Most importantly, it gives you exposure every time they share your stuff on their wall. It’s my hope that one of their friends will then share it to their wall, etc, etc. Your post could become viral.

Well, that’s it for this issue. Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them…

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