An Unknown Secret of Customer Service

I hate it when things go wrong. I’m always positive and when something goes wrong it totally throws me off.

This could always happen when you have an angry customer, who has been let down by some part of your product or service.  

Don’t panic.

This could be an opportunity to show them how good your customer service really is.

I love the word “recovery”. This is the secret. If you handle the matter well and recover well from a difficult situation, then customers are very likely to forgive your mistake and even praise the quality of your service.

When things go wrong, your customer wants you to solve their problems quickly. They don’t want to hear excuses, who’s to blame, or why it happened.

They just want the problem solved.

I recently had a situation where I had a meal that wasn’t cooked. The waitress apologized, assured me that it will be done properly, and another plate was brought out within 15 minutes.  

The great part was that I wasn’t charged for the main meal and I was given a free glass of wine and dessert.  

Whenever I talk to someone about this restaurant, which I would recommend, I’d mention that there was a small problem initially. But when I pointed it out, they really went overboard to correct the situation.

So don’t be afraid when something goes wrong.

You can recover from this situation and make a great positive impression on them and they will be bonded to you for life.

Customers just want to feel good about their relationship and purchases from you. They want to feel better than they did before. If you can create that feeling, then you are well on your way to creating a successful business.

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