Becoming a Fearless Business in Uncertain Times

Today is very uncertain. We recently heard of the new strain of the COVID virus. Then there’s the unfortunate crash of the Sriwijaya Air jet about 12 minutes after take-off from Indonesia. And the crazy thing is, it’s only half of the first month of 2021!

Nobody knows what happens next, that’s for sure.

And so we often wonder how our customers are doing… How are they going to have the money to purchase from us and constantly hear about the government taking more of our hard-earned dollars and wasting it.

When a market is crowded, burdened by a sluggish economy as we now have, only the fearless survive.

In economic times like these, the natural tendency for a business is to hunker down, cut back on expenses, and try not to lose the business you have.  

But here’s the news flash:

That’s exactly the strategy that will do you in and destroy you. 

If you are not the business that is standing out and standing for something important, your days could be numbered.  

Use the strengths of what makes you different to make a difference with your customers.

Now is the time to reward your customers for their loyalty, invite them for a virtual meeting, take them out to lunch when possible, and stay connected through communications to them.

This is the time and the moment, to deepen customer relationships to ensure your security and your business’s future.

It’s time to focus on what you do better than any other businesses and put that out there for your customers and prospects to SEE, FEEL, and RESPOND to.

Businesses that shine a light on what’s “different” about them are well-positioned to make a difference in this economy. Getting behind a cause is good for business and makes you look like a hero. 

Conformity is not distinguishing you as unique. You must keep reinventing yourself, changing with the times and with your customers as they change. You should be true to the essence of who you are and giving everyone the image that you are brand new.

In these times of uncertainty, many individuals are confused about what to do and how to do it. 

Remember, uncertainty makes everyone, including me, question our own personal value and the value of our business, and why we are doing things.  

But the fearless among us overcome these doubts by creating action, belief, and courage.

It is time to start raising your hand to make a difference. The story you tell about your company is what others will believe. You have a unique power to make others believe that you are indispensable and that is exactly what you will be if you believe. So believe in yourself and you will overcome these times.

I’m looking forward to your comment on some of your inspiring thoughts about belief. 

Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them…

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