Customers and Client Getting Script

What is really great and exciting about this Script is that you can use it Every Week, and if you talk to a lot of people each day, you might be able to use this every day.

This script will get more Customers/Clients every week because it is designed to be used whenever someone asks you this common Question: “What do you Do?” or  “What do you do for a Living?”

You can just close your eyes and imagine for a moment how many times people have asked you this question.

In your daily life, people will ask you this simple question over and over again because it’s the most common question people ask during casual conversation.

You must initially start by telling people a short story about what you do.

By telling people a short story about what you do, you can paint the exact picture that you want people to see.

Here’s an example

“What do you do for work?”

“Thanks for asking, the best way to describe what I do is with a quick story.  Recently I met a woman who needed help in deciding which appliance she needed to fit her problem.  I spent time explaining to her the differences between each of the machines and what they were designed to do.  Then I guaranteed her that if this machine didn’t’ do what we said it would do, I’d take it back and return her money.

That is what I do.“

After they hear this story, the person will normally mention something relative.  They might say “I wish I had someone like you” or they might say “Wow, That is amazing, I could use the same help.”

By telling people a short story about what you do you can open the door to having a wonderful conversation about what makes you unique as a Business Owner and how you can be the perfect Business Owner to help them.

By suing this script, you have just created a casual conversation into a “Referral Conversation.”

Let me know your thoughts and how this idea has worked for you.

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