Following Your Customers Thought Process

A member of my coaching program asked me the following question last week.  “Ken, I know you stress A.I.D.A. as a formula for creating persuasive letters and copy, but are there other formulas?”

Yes, there is.  The following formulas are awesome tools for any entrepreneur that wanted to create the best way to naturally follow your customer’s “thought sequence”, and sell to them in a way that is persuasive but 100% sleaze-free.

I just mentioned AIDA, Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, which is the most famous because it also is the most effective.

Here are a few formulas that you could use in your email copy, web pages, videos and whatnot.


Ask your clients about a problem that keeps them up at night, or describe it to them.  Set up your product or service as a solution.  Communicate the investment they will need to make at the very end, once you “know” they want your solution.

Use this formula when writing proposals or when pitching your service in conversations.


Open your conversation by describing a bad situation someone from your target market used to be in.  Continue by detailing how their life’s turned around 180 degrees.  Finally, close the loop by revealing how it happened.


In this formula, you describe what your product or service can do.  Tell why exactly this is helpful.  Finish by elaborating what it means for the person reading your copy.

This FAB formula is a life-saver when you need to re-do a bland, sleep induced “Features” or “About” page on your website.  You can use it for a lot of things, but it’s the most suitable for crafting exciting descriptions of products and services.


In this formula you paint a picture describing a perfect scenario for your potential customer.  Describe to them what your product or service will do.  Back it up with case studies, testimonials, and statistics.  Finally, close with a call to action.

These 4 formulas are slightly more specialized than the good old AIDA formula but incredibly useful and versatile all the same.

I mean, who doesn’t want to write irresistible proposals, or craft compelling webpages, or create gripping, jaw dropping case studies?

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