How to Leverage Technology for Business 2022

At my last meeting, I was asked about the new Social Media websites and whether attendees should sign up and how to use the media to enhance their business.  

With all of the online marketing and social media tools that are available to you today, there is no reason you have for not promoting yourself and your business extensively.

Don’t let fear of this new technology or lack of knowledge stop you.  Begin by focusing on creating systems and processes which are easy to do, and can be repeated over and over.  This is a great basis for eventually outsourcing this work so that it is then on automatic pilot.

Technology allows you to multiply your marketing and sales efforts.  With Social Media, you can now spread your message as far and as wide as you want to.

Let me just go over one of the items you should do when you have a Facebook account.  Your Facebook profile is a combination of who you are.  Your blog, website, business card, online brochure, photo album, virtual storefront, and much more.  

Of course, it depends on whether you choose to use your personal profile just for real friends and family, or the best possible scenario is to build a fan page for your business.

You can also use your personal profile for high-level professional networking.  

Your profile should represent you and your business extremely well.  It should be the first and “only” thing your prospects see about you before making a decision to do business with you.  

Avoid lots of graphics as this will slow down their uploading of your information.  Include your mini-bio as if you were talking to them in person, with a call-to-action (CTA) link for them to go to.

It should be obvious within seconds about what you do and how to find out more about you.  

You should ask some trusted friends to pull up your profile and give you their honest opinion.

You should be able to think of more items to add, so send in your comments.

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