Something You Should Resolve This Year

If you are a busy professional and your website is about your business but isn’t your business, the keeping it fresh is an easy thing to overlook.

I personally do this all of the time. Why? Because I publish regularly to my blog, but in terms of the look and feel of my site and the marketing information about me and my products and services, well, they haven’t changed a lot for quite awhile.

If you’ve been trying to land new clients/customers who were on the fence last year or the year before and you try again, the last thing you want them to see is that you haven’t changed your website much in two years.

Keep your website fresh.

Above everything else, make sure you have Testimonials on your website.

The second thing you need to resolve this year is to reach out to customers or clients you lost in the last year or two.

We gain customers, we lose customers. This is just how business goes.

Customer situations change. Whatever made them leave you may have changed also. Changes happen constantly and now they might be ready to become your Customer again.

It doesn’t take long to reach out to those lost clients, and you may get a few of them back. That is a high reward for the act of reaching out and letting them know you miss them and want them back.

The key is to offer them something new and get them interested again.

And at the very least, you may be able to ask them why they left, giving you very valuable information as you work to build your current Customer base and retain your existing clients.

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