Speak Directly to Your Ideal Customers

Do you ever wonder why your marketing message does not produce the kind of results that you were hoping for?

Have you ever considered that you might not be speaking to the right group of people or perhaps the wrong language?

The first thing you need to do is define and identify your ideal customers.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your ideal customers to better understand them.

You need to think about things from their perspective.

Understand the fears of your ideal customers.

What do they worry about? What keeps them up at night?

Also, you need to understand the hopes of your ideal customers.

What do they secretly wish was true about their life or business situation? What is the dream solution for their life and/or business that they would pay almost anything for?  If their perfect dream solution happened, how would that look?

Now that you’ve spent time in their shoes, it’s time to go deeper and be even more specific.

Ask yourself the following question.  You have just provided the solution for an issue challenging your customers.

What primary emotion or set of emotions is your ideal customer feeling at the exact moment he or she is buying your product or service?

What is going through your customers’ mind?

What specific words do your customers use as they think about you, your service, or product and the potential results they will experience because of your help?

Write everything down that comes to your mind.

It’s all about the language.

One of the biggest mistakes marketers can make is to use language that represents their creativity rather than the language used by their ideal customers.

It is critical that you do your homework and speak the language that your ideal customers use.  Using the same language is incredibly important for two reasons.

First, if your keywords do not match the terms that your customers use in searches, they will not be able to find you, and the best way to know the words and phrases your ideal customers use it to:

  1. Listen to the language used by your current ideal customers in person, on the phone, and on social media.
  2. Pay attention to the language used when a prospect approaches you to learn more about what you have to offer.
  3. Use the answers to the questions asked by your prospects.
  4. Join groups or communities on social media where your ideal customers hang out and listen to the conversations they are having with each other.


Being aware of the words and phrases commonly used by your ideal customers is very important because those are the words and phrases you definitely want to use in your marketing copy, your content, and social media posts.

Understanding your ideal customer’s deepest fears and greatest hopes will help you to know what motivates them to buy and by combining this with the language that they and other members of their community use, you are now able to communicate with them in a way that they understand.

This will increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing efforts. With this knowledge, you are ready to locate and connect with your ideal customers.

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