Testimonials and Credibility

A member of my coaching program asked me if Testimonials are effective?  My response was as follows and for those of you who aren’t in my coaching program yet, I wanted to share it with you also.

If your Customers or prospect doesn’t believe you, you will never sell a thing. The best way to use credibility is testimonials.  There are basically two types of Testimonials that you should use.  There is the outcome testimonial and testimonials that overcome objections.

By the way there are Laws that you must check out that govern outcome testimonials.  You should check these out.

That being said, outcome testimonials are just as the words imply.  They are the results someone gets from using your product or service.

Here’s an example

The weight loss product I bought from you has helped me lose 25 pounds in 30 days.  I can now fit into the bikini I wore when I was 18 years old.

Because of the laws governing outcome testimonials, I only use testimonials that overcome objections.

Here’s an example.

Ken, when I got the 4th module in the coaching program, I was reluctant to send out grabber letters. However, all of my doubts were erased when I saw the results of my first campaign.

Here is something to consider:  Write down all the reasons why somebody wouldn’t buy your product or service.  Then get testimonials from your clients that overcome each reason why.  You will see your results soar just by suing this one idea.

Well that’s it for this Issue.  After you have implemented this strategy in your business, let me know the results.  Better yet, email me your Testimonials.

Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them. If you need step by step instructions on how to implement this and other ideas I give on Creating Customers. Please go to www.buildyourbusinessfast.com   and sign up for my one on one Coaching program.  You can’t lose by investing just $20/month in the growth of your business.  You probably Tip more than your investment each month. Invest in the growth of your business.