To Build Your Business Fast Create a Focus 100 List

Most business owners know a lot of people.  Hundreds, and perhaps thousands of people.  Your contact list is your most valuable marketing asset.

People who have inquired about your services or products are more likely to purchase from you than people who don’t know your name.  People who have purchased from you before are more likely to purchase from you again and again.

People who have referred clients in the past are likely to refer more in the future.  The best way to grow any business is to stay in touch with the people who know, like, and trust you.

Nurture this list and the people on it and your business will definitely grow.

But I know that you can’t possibly give everyone on your list the same amount of attention.  There just simply isn’t enough time to do that.  And some people are more valuable to you than others.

Your best customers are obviously in a different category than someone who has never purchased from you.  Someone who refers you two or three new clients every month deserves more attention than someone who sent you one client two years ago.

This is why you need your Focus 100 list.  A list of your 100 most valuable contacts.

These are your best clients and referral sources, your most promising prospects, and the most influential and helpful professionals you know.  Put their names on a list and carry it with you.  Put it near your computer.  Have it with you all of the time.

Why 100?  Because I feel that this number is about the maximum anyone can effectively work with at any one time.  You will write and occasionally call the people on this master list and you will try to talk to them at least once a month.

Build and strengthen your relationship with your Focus 100 list.

Call them just to see how they are doing.  Send them business when you can.  Get to know their families, their employees, and their best contacts.

Dedicate 75% of your time to your Focus 100 list, and 25% to everyone else.

Your list will definitely change over time.  You will add people as they become more prominent in your life and remove those who drift away.

Someone you thought deserved to be on the list will disappoint you.  Someone who isn’t even on your radar today will emerge as a valuable ally tomorrow.

Your list will start out with perhaps only five or ten people.  There isn’t a need to be in a hurry.  Start with them.

When you get to 100, you will need to spare some names to make room for others.  Continually upgrade your list so that you can focus on the best.  And when you have those 100 of the best, upgrade your list to the “Best of the Best.”

Eventually, you will have 100 people who send you so much business you won’t be able to handle it all.

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