Top 4 Techniques to Get Critical Customer Feedback

If you can get accurate and worthwhile information from your customers, you will put yourself way ahead of your competition. There’s an old saying, “Information is King.”

Here are a few ways to get this valuable information:

1. Ask them. The easiest and simplest way to find out what your customers want from your service or product is to ask them. Can you imagine going to your hairdresser and not saying anything? This is why they say, “How would you like your hair done today?”

2. Create a focus group. Focus groups are representatives of customers whose job is to provide you with information on their needs and preferences.

3. Use questionnaires and surveys. Getting customers to put their thoughts in writing on a questionnaire or survey is one of the most well-established feedback techniques. Send a survey to your customers and say this: “We want you and your ideas, preferences, and constructive contributions. So tell us about your impressions and ideas for (whatever you are selling or what your product is).”

4. Your front line staff is the most resourceful and reliable, as well as cost-effective.  You should encourage them to build strong relationships with customers so that they feel free to share how they feel about the service or your product. You must act on what they tell you.

You may deliver the best service and product in the world, but if it is not what people want, you are wasting your time. Implement one or two of these techniques, and you will get important information from your customers.

Well, that’s it for this issue. Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them…

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